Martha (The Searchers) (2017)

Martha, akin to ballet’s Giselle, is an iconic figure broken on the wheel of the American West.

Concept by Julia Gleich in collaboration with Elana Herzog
Set Design: Elana Herzog
Danced by: Michelle Buckley, Courtney Cochran, Duane Gosa, Cassidy Hall, Cortney Key, Jordan Miller, Tiffany Mangulabnan, Amy Saunders
Created with the above dancers and Timothy Ward, Izabela Szylińsk
Music: Joseph Koykkar and selections from Robert Bluesman, Patsy Cline, Nick Cave, Max Steiner, Dolly Parton

Premiere: Mark Morris Dance Center, October 25, 2017

Gleich’s research and analysis gave her the focus and stamina to make the piece, but what made “Martha” stageworthy was a clean balance of mood, choreography and association. The references and structure combined were strong enough to glue the ballet together. —Leigh Witchel, dance.log

Available for touring. “Martha (The Searchers)” is a full evening ballet for a cast of eight (8). It can be produced with a smaller cast of five (5). The full set includes five (5) rolling textile drops, one pallet, and three (3) layered rugs. More photos available.