GLEICH DANCES is an East Brooklyn based contemporary ballet company focused on challenging the identity of the ballet relic by bringing the tools of the form into contemporary contexts, creating a company identity which looks more like the people we might find next to us on the subway, and exposing gender limitations, often using pointework as a tool for both men and women. Known for collaborations with visual artists, composers, and designers, including couture design studio Morgane LeFay, Gleich Dance's features strong ensemble work with a narrative factor, often creating collective experiences from a series of individual interpretations of singular figures. The most recent full length work, Martha (The Searchers) "was bracing, forcing you to watch with sharp eyes." -Leigh Witchel,

Gleich’s choreography bridges classical and current movement trends, with influences as wide-ranging as The Nitty-Gritty, The Hustle, Ballet and Limón techniques and experimental and collaborative approaches to performance. New choreography is consistently developed in collaboration with visual artists, scientists, mathematicians, and musicians. And themes continually return to imagery of life, circumstance, and character.

The company has performed across the US and UK, especially NYC and London, and received critical acclaim in The New York Times, DanceInsider, the Village Voice, The New Criterion, The Brooklyn Rail, DanceviewTimes, dance.log and, among others.



Julia K. Gleich has been creating dance works since 1992. 


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