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Julia openly breaks down the false assumptions of ballet and its technique from a candid and personal realm. She urges students to explore the essence of movement without resting on its, at times, superficial state. Julia promotes and seeks out risk taking, self exploration and discovery which challenges a dancer not only in the studio but on a broader and more important spectrum. She is a cheerleader of progression and a lover of detail. She ingrains insightfulness and strength. She has the power to change the world.

–Kimberly Giannelli, Freelance dancer, NYC


Julia is an amazing thoughtful and astute ballet teacher. Not only are her classes great, she makes it available for even the ballet challenged dancers like me. As a result of her many years of teaching I believe, I have observed her to be extremely sensitive to the specific individual needs of her students. She is also very good at working with injured dancers and facilitating that full transition back into class. Julia is very good at getting the best out of her dancers and she does not let you settle for achieving less than your personal best. Her classes are hard work, in a good way, but ultimately loads of fun.

–Diane Brathwaite, Student, London