Dancing Thoughts and Reflections

The hardest part is getting started. This is what I tell my choreography students as I attempt to push them out of the nest of controlled creation and into that wonderful chaos of risk.

Julia K Gleich, Gleich Dances, blogAnd so, like my students, I am venturing into less familiar terrain. I have thoughts, reflections and certainly opinions. (You'd learn that in my technique classes which have been compared with an episode of Charlie the Unicorn... Thanks Leon!)  However, this is the first time I will write these thoughts down in a public forum, without the aid of my face and tone to give context, without the excuse of spontaneity on which I rely for any bad jokes and mixed-metaphors, without the help of movement that gives me comfort and hides uncertainty, without... a net, or tulle for that matter.

And so I begin. No longer waiting for tomorrow.