In the Use of Others... (2011)


In the Use of Others for the Change

a new ballet in three movements directed and choreographed by Julia K. Gleich and featuring collaborations with artists:

Audra Wolowiec (sound)
Austin Thomas (set)
Kevin Regan (text)
Shona Masarin (film)
Amery Kessler (sound)
Andrew Hurst (video/projections/sound)

Video Editing: Andrew Hurst, Shona Masarin
Video Footage: Albert Benaida
Dancers: Michelle Buckley, Brittany Fridenstine, Kate Kelley, Morgan McEwen, Claire McKeveny, Mary Jane Ward and Marc St-Pierre*
Produced by Jason Andrew

Premiere: April 14, 2011, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY

A commissioned project by Norte Maar

*Courtesy American Repertory Ballet