shards and scenes (2009)


Performed by Gleich Dances

Guest artists: Andrew Nemr and Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie

Concept and Choreography: Julia K. Gleich
Music: Sean Hagerty, Pass Kontrol, Andrew Hurst, D.O.V.
Set: Corey Schneider
Costumes: Luis Velazquez
Dancers: David Rafael Botana, Fiona Brown, Jason Jordan, Jake Laub, Claire McKeveny, Johnny McMillan, and Amy Schulster

The program, shards and scenes, Ballet y Bushwick is a kind of stew of dances ranging from conceptual works to loosely narrative. The connection among these works is an image of windows and the gaps they create, opportunities and concealments, obscuring and revealing. Even in the less conceptual pieces there remains a vestige of the frame.

Composer Sean Hagerty wrote new music with additional music created by local Bushwick artists Andrew Hurst, dj D.O.V., and Pass Kontrol. Bushwick residents, Corey Schneider created the set and Luis Velazquez created the costumes. Dancers included longtime Gleich Dances member, Claire McKeveny and newcomer Jake Laub, and featured visiting performer Johnny McMillan who performed with the company in 2008. Produced by Jason Andrew and Norte Maar.

Premiere: Aug 22, 2009, Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn, NY
Commissioned and produced by Norte Maar