CounterPointe | Apr 26-28, 2019

I’ll be producing the 2019 CounterPointe in April. One of the perks of producing is that I get to put a work on the program each year. This is the 7th year of the program and its 9th incarnation in New York and London.

Dance Enthusiast talked about the 2016 and the relationship with point work explaining, “This is where Counterpointe starts, but not at all where it will end. In the hands of seven female choreographers who've been paired with seven painters and sculptors (also women), the pointe shoe, and sometimes ballet itself, receives a fresh interpretation.” —Erin Bomboy read more

Sharon Butler, editor or says, “The artists and audience had the revelatory experience of seeing artwork in a new context: transported from the well-delineated walls of the white cube to the deep space of the black box.” read more

Interested in participating in CounterPointe as a choreographer? Follow this link for details.

Interested in participating in CounterPointe as an artist? Send an e-mail to CounterPointeBallet (at) gmail (dot) com, Subj: CounterPointe visual artist