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The Brodmann Areas (2012)

Concept and Choreography: Julia K. GleichMusical Direction: Ryan Francis Décor and costumes: Tamara Gonzales Collaborating artists: Paul D’Agostino, Lawrence Swan, Denis Pelli, Audra Wolowiec, Margo Wolowiec and others Dancers: Dylan Crossman, Michelle Buckley, Jace Coronado, Morgan McEwen, Abbey Roesner and Ida Josephsson

Premiere: Apr 25, 2013, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY __________ Commissioned by Norte Maar

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Podcast: an interview with Julia K Gleich

Citywide has frequently appreciated the way the North Brooklyn and Bushwick art scenes are coming together. We’ve painted a picture of individual artists scrapping together to instill bygone industrial regions with beauty and poetry. We’ve admired these communities for providing evidence of the heart and purpose emitting from a generation of artists that many have ascribed a bleak future to. Here is an interview with choreographer Julia K. Gleich who is collaborating with several Bushwick artists to create a new ballet.

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