So I have ideas about ballet and dance that conflict with everyone, yes nearly everyone. I change my own mind periodically. This makes it difficult to put ideas out there that are going to trigger flashes of disagreement that might lead to anger. Have you ever noticed how many of us walk around on eggshells in the dance world – especially the ballet world?

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The Solitude (2013-14)

Choreography and direction: Julia K GleichMusic: Malcolm Parson (original score) Original Cast: Jace Coronado, Duane Gosa, Aston McCullough, Izabela Szylińska, Oshi Wanigasekera

__________ Aug 10, 2013: This dance was made possible in part by a Dance at Socrates Residency through Norte Maar and Socrates Sculpture Park. Original cast: Jace Coronado, Duane Gosa, Aston McCullough, Izabela Szylińska, Oshi Wanigasekera. Cellist

Nov 1, 2013: Presented in collaboration with Brooklyn Ballet at The Actors Fund Arts Center, Brooklyn, for CounterPointe. Cast: Abbey Roesner, Izabela Szylińska with Mary Balzer, Shoko Fujita, Clay York

Apr 3, 2014: Presented in collaboration with Brooklyn Ballet at The Actors Fund Arts Center, Brooklyn, for Brooklyn Ballet's 2014 Season. Cast: Abbey Rosesner, Izabela Szylińska with Michael Crawford, Felipe Panamá, and Oshi Wanigasekera and Sarah Taylor

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Speak Easy Secrets (2013)

Concept and Choreography: Julia K. GleichMusical direction: Oli Newman Costumes: Jocelyn Koning Lighting: Fay Patterson Stage Manager: Genevieve Giron and Daniel Callandine

with collaborative performances by People Pile, Junior Laniyan and The Michele Drees Quartet

Dancers: Michelle Buckley, Eric Sosa Sanchez, Miyako Asano, Kim Amundsen, Stephanie Berge, Jeremy Colvard, Chiara Favaretti, Bless Klepcharek and Kevin Neil and Marc Krause

Premiere: Jun 21, 2013, The Broadway, Barking, London __________ Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through the Arts Council England Produced by Norte Maar and The Broadway

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The Brodmann Areas (2012)

Concept and Choreography: Julia K. GleichMusical Direction: Ryan Francis Décor and costumes: Tamara Gonzales Collaborating artists: Paul D’Agostino, Lawrence Swan, Denis Pelli, Audra Wolowiec, Margo Wolowiec and others Dancers: Dylan Crossman, Michelle Buckley, Jace Coronado, Morgan McEwen, Abbey Roesner and Ida Josephsson

Premiere: Apr 25, 2013, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY __________ Commissioned by Norte Maar

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Podcast: an interview with Julia K Gleich

Citywide has frequently appreciated the way the North Brooklyn and Bushwick art scenes are coming together. We’ve painted a picture of individual artists scrapping together to instill bygone industrial regions with beauty and poetry. We’ve admired these communities for providing evidence of the heart and purpose emitting from a generation of artists that many have ascribed a bleak future to. Here is an interview with choreographer Julia K. Gleich who is collaborating with several Bushwick artists to create a new ballet.

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Untitled (as of yet) (2011)

Concept and choreography: Julia K. GleichMusical direction: Matthew Richmond with accompaniment by Henry Westmoreland and David Grubba Costume and decor: Tamara Gonzalez lighting and technical assistance: Gene Felice

with collaborative performances by invited guests: performer / musician Elisa Faires poets Tim Peeler, Ted Pope, + Eric Steineger dancer / choreographer Janice Lancaster with projection designer Adam Larsen

Premiere: Saturday, Aug 6, 2011, The Masonic Temple, Downtown Asheville, NC __________ Co-produced by Norte Maar and the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center

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In The Use Of Others... (2011)

Concept and choreography: Julia K. GleichMusical direction: Andrew Hurst Collaborating artists: Audra Wolowiec, Andrew Hurst, Austin Thomas, Kevin Regan Dancers: Michelle Buckley, Brittany Fridenstine*, Kate Kelley, Morgan McEwen, Claire McKeveny, Mary Jane Ward and Marc St-Pierre Produced by Jason Andrew

Premiere: April 14, 2011, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY

A commissioned project by Norte Maar

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shards and scenes (2009)

Concept and Choreography: Julia K. GleichMusic: Sean Hagerty, Pass Kontrol, Andrew Hurst, D.O.V. Set: Corey Schneider Costumes: Luis Velazquez Dancers: David Botana, Fiona Brown, Jason Jordan, Jake Laub, Claire McKeveny, Johnny McMillan and Amy Schulster

The program, shards and scenes, for Ballet Y Bushwick is a kind of stew of dances ranging from conceptual work to lightly narrative. The connection among these works is an image of windows and the gaps they create, opportunities and concealments, obscuring and revealing. Even in the less conceptual pieces there remains a vestige of the frame.

Premiere: Aug 22, 2009, Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn, NY __________ Commissioned and produced by Norte Maar

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The Leger Ballet (2007)

Concept and Choreography: Julia K GleichOriginal score: Paul Siskind with additional music by William Pfaff, Lola Perrin, George Antheil, Richard Grayson, and Henry Cowell Set design: Jason Andrew, assisted by Dick Baker Costumes: Jackie Sabourin and Eleanor Robinson

Premiere: Fete de Danse 2007, Rouses Point, NY, August 16, 2007

Description: Full-length ballet celebrating painter Fernand Léger’s life in Rouses Point __________ Commissioned by Norte Maar

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Kiss Moi (2006)

Choreography: Julia K GleichMusic: Fiona Apple and Benjamin Sportès

Performed by Burklyn Ballet Theatre: David Beer, Emily Conelly, Tali Dan, Kelly DeLameter, Susan Elliot, Elizabeth Halajian, Louisa Mann, Kristin Marrs, Julia Mifsud, Iona Newell, Emily Parker, Victoria Pattinson, Jessie Phetteplace, Tenille Ramirez, Jenifer Sarver, Katherine Sheperd, and Samantha Smith

Premiere: Aug 5, 2006, Dibden Center for the Arts, Johnson, VT __________ Commissioned by Burkyn Ballet Theatre

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